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Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The season of strawberries is here! With the adundance of fresh strawberries available in shops right now it would be silly not to make something with them and nothing pairs better with strawberries than good old cream. So this week we're sharing our small batch take of strawberries and cream cupcakes.

Watch how to make them below:

Yields: 4 cupcakes

E Q U I P M E N T:

1 cupcake tin

I N G R E D I E N T S:

For the cupcakes:

50g butter, room temperature

50g caster sugar

1 egg, medium, room temperature (approximately 50g excluding the shell)

50g plain flour (10% protein)

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract

For the strawberry jam:

150g strawberries, frozen or fresh

20g caster sugar

For the whipped cream frosting:

60ml heavy whipping cream, keep chilled until ready to be whipped

45g mascarpone cheese, keep chilled until ready to be whipped

1-2 tbsp icing sugar (optional)

4 fresh strawberries, for decoration

M E T H O D:


Heat strawberries and sugar in a small saucepan for around 5 minutes until slightly thickened. Transfer to a heatproof jug and blend until smooth. In the jug or another bowl with more surface area, cover the jam with cling film/plastic wrap making sure it comes into contact with the jam to prevent a skin forming. Chill in the fridge for later.


Preheat the oven to 160°C (convection oven/fan-assisted)


In a mixing bowl, loosen the room temperature butter with a whisk before adding the sugar and creaming together until pale and creamy.


In a separate bowl, add the egg and vanilla and lightly whisk together. Add the egg mixture into the butter-sugar mixture and beat together until combined.

Step 4. FLOUR

Combine the plain flour with the baking powder before sifting it into the wet ingredients. Fold together gently with a rubber spatula taking care not to beat out too much of the incorporated air.


Line a cupcake tin with 4 cases and evenly distribute the cupcake batter (approximately 50g each) then bake for 15-18 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Allow to cool completely before assembling.


While the cupcakes are cooling (and if the jam is cold), loosen the mascarpone cheese with a whisk before adding the heavy cream and whisking on a medium speed until it starts to thicken. After about 30 seconds of whisking, add 1 tablespoon of the strawberry jam and continue to whisk until well incorporated. Add as many tablespoons of strawberry jam as you want to achieve the flavour or colour of the cream as you desire. I recommend around 3-4 tablespoons.

Whisk the cream until it forms stiff peaks, then transfer to a piping bag. If you want to add a ripple of colour and flavour through the cream, transfer half the cream into the piping bag and drizzle in around 1 tablespoon of jam and then transfer the rest of the cream.


Using an apple corer or the handle of a wooden spoon, poke a hole and remove the centre of the cupcake. Fill this hole with strawberry jam. Tap the cupcake on the worktop gently to help the jam move down the hole if necessary. Pipe the cream on the cupcake and finish with a whole fresh strawberry on top.

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