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Classic Financiers

Financiers are a classic French pastry made of brown butter, egg whites and almond flour (among a few others). On top of being incredibly moreish, they can be customised to suit whatever flavour you feel like. In this recipe we're going with almond, raspberry and chocolate chip.

Watch how to make them below:

Yields: 12 financiers (in a standard sized muffin/cupcake pan or silicone mould)

E Q U I P M E N T:

1 muffin/cupcake pan / mini muffin/cupcake pan / silicone mould - rectangular

I N G R E D I E N T S:

110g butter (88g brown butter)

3 egg whites (approx. 96-99g total)

80g icing sugar

¼ tsp vanilla paste or extract

18g honey

50g almond flour (finely ground)

40g plain flour

For toppings: raspberries, chocolate chips, almonds

M E T H O D:


Preheat the oven to 200°C (convection oven/fan-assisted) and if using a metal baking pan, line with butter and flour.


In a light coloured pan, heat the butter on low heat, stirring constantly through the melting, boiling and foaming phases until the butter is a beautiful golden brown.

Step 2. FLOUR

Whether you have store-bought or homemade almond flour, make sure it is finely ground. You can do this either by blending it briefly in a food processor or sifting the almond flour until you have 50g and then save the large grains for blending another day. Once your almond flour is sorted, sift in the plain flour and set aside.


Separate three eggs in your preferred method then loosen the egg whites with a whisk until it just starts to foam.


Add the vanilla, honey and icing sugar to the egg whites and whisk until pale and creamy. Since we're not using any leavening agents, we need to incorporate as much air as possible into the batter through the whisking of the egg whites.

Next add in the bowl of flour and whisk on a low speed until just combined. We do not want to over whisk the batter.

Finally check that the butter has cooled to between 40-50°C before pouring it gently into the batter and whisking again on low speed until fully incorporated.

Step 5. BAKE

There should be just enough batter to fill a 12-hole standard muffin/cupcake or silicone mould. Fill each to half full or around 30g of batter (15g for a mini muffin pan) and then top each with whatever flavourings and toppings you like. We're using raspberries, dark chocolate chips and almonds but pretty much any fruit, chocolate, nuts or seeds will work well.

When you're ready to bake, lower the oven to 180°C before putting the tray in and bake for 10-15 minutes or until they're golden brown and starting to pull away from the edges of the pan.

Let them cool slightly out of the pan and they will become nice and crispy on the outside. Like madeleines, they are best served fresh from the oven as they lose their crisp fairly quickly but they will still taste amazing regardless.

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